April 27, 2010


i'm so late at posting this, but as you can probably imagine there has been some busy-ness...

a little over a month ago a red haired boy (that i adore very much) knelt in the snow and asked me to marry him.  he was so nervous he grabbed the wrong hand for the ring.  he was so overcome he did not speak for a pause of tender weeping.  he was so clever that he had hidden the wooden ring box in an old tree trunk.  he made me laugh as he said, after we started shaking because of the cold and adrenaline, "maybe we should go in before we have to amputate."

he gave me these pictures a couple weeks ago-

this is ian making my ring in his dad's shop.  he said he picked the best ruby in his dad's case.  he read me a verse from proverbs 31 to go with it (holy crap what did i do to deserve such an amazing man.)

the finished ring.  based off art nouveau designs...only one of its kind.

i mean, what do you even say to this?

"come enjoy this lonely sky with me"