September 17, 2008

i'm a little teapot

been doing some fun stuff for art classes lately- this ones for a sketch journal that i have to keep for my drawing classes.  its not supposed to be precise and exact- just an idea scrawled into the book.

i like being an art major because it forces me to do art.  i'm ashamed at how little art i do when i'm NOT forced or commissioned.  

that ol rascal 'discipline' ...a hard and merciful task master.

"a welcomed crisis on what would be a regular, boring day."

September 11, 2008

discoveries of the lovely sort

the bible study tuesday night was really nice.  there was only three of us, but four counting the Lord, which was our favorite part.  the girls were really sweet and i anticipate hanging out with them again.


my previous goal when i came to chico state was to get a BFA degree.  i have realized only lately that this idea is insane- it would mean at least 2 full years more of school, not including the semester i'm already in due to the volume of units.  it would also require a portfolio review which gives me the violent heeby jeebies.


if i go for a BA degree in studio art (with the electronic art emphasis) i will graduate in a very doable year and a half from now (so 2 years total).  the thing that seals the deal is that there is no gnarly portfolio review...

i feel this to be the educational equivalent of my salvation.  in fact, i'm pretty sure the last time i felt this relieved was when God himself pulled my damned and dying soul from the pit.  the grimy flames of university hell have faded in the distance, granting me the grace of graduation when i'm like 26 and not 27 or more (sigh...i am getting old).

and also, i will be down in slo the second week in october for the half marathon.

now that's a good sort of discoveries, dont you agree?:)

September 7, 2008

bell-ble study.

i bought a bell for my bike today-- i'm so excited.

a bike without a bell is like a car without a decent way to play your own music (you know who you are, jonathan dow)

but thats actually not what i wanted to write about.

i was a good girl and i went to worship generation tonite which is calvary's sunday night service.  i'm gonna try going to a bible study.

it started out super awkward as i sat there by myself waiting for the service to start.  i used to sit by myself at shoreline all the time and it never bothered me...but i was so paranoid tonite i started texting one of my friends just to do something with my hands.  5 text messages later the service finally started.

it got better as the night went on because a bunch of people got up and shared about their bible studies that they are starting.  thats always how it is: discomfort dissolved away by hearing peoples hearts and visions.  i realized a few years ago that i was more apt to like someone (as opposed to misjudging them) if i sat down and made eye contact and had a meaningful  conversation with them...funny how that is.

so tomorrow i will put my bell on my bike and on tuesday i will go to a bible study :)

September 4, 2008

a night in the life of chico, augmented by a thrift store blanket

my favorite part is this blanket.

there's a point at night, at probably 3 or 4 in the morning where the temperature here drops to something normal like 65 and for a few blissful hours i get to sleep with a blanket over me and not a sheet.  

sleeping with a sheet over you is a psychosomatic joke- like decaf coffee...merely there just because we know that people who sleep without blankets or coverings are...well,  homeless or dead.  like nebuchadnezzer sleeping in the open air because he went crazy.  

so to ward off the stigma i resort to the sheet.  
(i need all the help i can get sometimes to remind myself i'm not crazy...)

this blanket is my sole recompense for having to wake up at 3 or 4 every morning due to the fact that my useless sheet has become even more useless, except now rather than making me a few degrees too warm, it has taken to freezing me into groggy awareness (that it may be reunited with its fellow bedding implement, of course).

i could tell you a few other funny stories about this how the safeway has a hand written sign posted that no dogs, cleats or barefeet are allowed in the store.  i mean, that pretty much sums up the town i think.

or how there is always this pervading sense that at some point in my walking to and from school and downtown that someone is going to end my life by crashing into me with a purple $500 beach cruiser bike.

or how i can simultaneously miss my home (not to mention sincere people and meaningful conversations) so much and yet possess such a peace here that i dont understand.