May 28, 2012

Print Giveaway!

Answer the question below by leaving a comment and I'll put your name in the pot of comments from here and Facebook to win this print:

which would you choose for yourself:
-a tattoo
-a root canal


a name will be drawn June 6th!

May 18, 2012

chicken and noistrade

I love how this turned out and I love this process!  This is a four color linocut reduction print, which means i carve a little away... print with color... carve a little more away... print with a  darker color...

It's also called suicide printing, because by the time you get done, there isn't anymore block to carve and you can't ever reproduce this image ever again...


Also, on a whim, I threw some music I had made forever ago up on noisetrade-  check it out and see if  you like it!  Go easy on me though- I'm an artist, not a musician :)