July 15, 2009

see robin? i'm trying to be disciplined :D

here's a little 8x10er  i did today-
something about poppies...morning...i'm still thinking of a title.

the stems are phrases from an old book.


update on the yarrow painting: 
sara said she had been coveting it for days, so i sold it to her!  
this painting i'll sell for 25 dollars (or trade for something cool) in case you're interested.

you're right, janelle...i should get some kind of etsy thing going...later maybe.

July 13, 2009

seeing yarrow

being jobless does funny things to you...
this time its a painting of the yarrow flower.  love love love yarrow.

i have a vision of doing a whole series on the yarrow flower, but my visions are usually based on the fictitious strength of the disciplined side of me.

it is the stuff of faery tales.

(yarrow detail)

there's nothing about this painting that's original, really, but i had a good time doing it.

aaaand....this is the mint i'm drying for tea on the clothes line in sara's backyard.

aaaaand...this is the biscotti i made this morning: 3 forms of ginger.  fresh, crystallized and powdered.

i have been reading matthew 6 lately.
over and over and over.
the fig tree in the backyard is fruited half-way, 
finding water somehow through her ancient root fingers.

and though i have carefully watched,
i have not seen the birds building storehouses yet
nor the garden tremble in toil

July 4, 2009

the why: an addition to my previous post

so the question is why.

why quit coffee?

i know coffee isnt good for you.  i've known this for a long time but in faithful adoration to my treasured brew have not been willing to face the facts.  love thinks no evil.

i was doing some yard work for a lady on wednesday, and on thursday my wrist hurt really bad...i thought i had really messed it up.  and i got to thinking about WHY a person my age would be experiencing a body that is MIA as far as holding itself together under only slightly more stressful activities than normal life.  

and then i thought back to my favorite morning love...and how it leaches calcium and other minerals out of one's bones...and how my dear old mom's gene contribution left me with a nice brittle frame for this body i'm in... a how i dont have any health insurance.


i just think it's time.

it doesnt mean i wont social drink the stuff.  i mean, seriously.  i have certain friends that will only be my friend if i drink coffee with them, which is fine by me to be sure.  i'm definitely not above that mindset.

but the whole acid headache addiction thing...tut tut.
i must live with open eyes, so that i CAN make it to the age of 87 (or sooner) where i WILL, at that point, do whatever i feel like which will include gallons of coffee.

so rest assured, loved ones.  it is a valiant battle.

July 3, 2009

lonesome coffee cup

i cant believe i'm saying this, but i'm going to try to quit coffee.

i know, i know.  you've already decided i cant do it.  well, you know what?

you might be right.

there's something to be said for giving such a sad state of caffeine-free humanity your best shot
(hee hee...shot...never mind.)

and i already have a headache from my half caff situation of this morning...
so you can officially feel welcome to pray for me.

but i swear, if i make it to the age of 87, it'll be coffee breakfast lunch and dinner from there on out.

goodbye, my sweet, acidic, calcium robbing panacea...know that you are my favorite habit i've ever tried to quit...we shall meet again when my knees are in the Jordan and maybe i'll let you row me to other side.