February 25, 2009

tales from the sculpture lab

my design teacher is one of the funniest teachers i will ever have.

we are making these wire sculptures and he'll walk around putting any sculpture he can on his head as a hat.

during our critique of our geometric cardboard sculptures, any sculpture that looked remotely like a rocket ship was zoomed around complete with sound affects.

God bless crazy art people

the girl i sit next to said something about how he should do some sort of improv comedy act, so when he made his way around to where we were sitting i asked him if he had ever done any acting before.

"i got kicked out of acting class.  i was too amped up for them."
"is it even possible to get actually kicked out of an acting class?" i asked.
"well, i just couldnt help it.  everytime i did an improv act i would just have to swing in from the stage rope."

i just put my head down on the desk in soundless hysterical laughter.

God bless crazy art people.

February 24, 2009


its called "flowers destroy mathbot."

bloody amazing.
i dont even know who did it, but if i owned it i would hang it in my living room.

in other news, my hands are raw from my owl wire sculpture and stained from 3 hours in the print lab praying for and thus producing some satisfying miracles.  

the thought of spring break keeps me going.
the thought of graduating next spring keeps me going.
its sunny today so that helps too.
i painted a picture in a monastery orchard last week.
and with the help of my roomate and her boyfriend, managed to steal two bags of those oranges i've been longing for.

we are on the up and up.

February 13, 2009

God bless college

the life i am living now is hilarious.

just like this cardboard poster from the 80's that i found at the thrift store and carried back to my house in the freezing wind this morning (i'm sure you can imagine how fun that was).  i hope i can manage to keep this poster for the rest of my life.

and like those drawers in the background my roomate and i were too lazy too close.

and the 8am class on fridays.  friday.  friday.

and the invention of the subwoofer, which i didnt know until now, is the single largest cause for most of my anger.  Its not the sub in and of itself, but the sub in possession of the 20 year old neighbors around us.  it is strange feeling like a piece of technology is actually personally out to get you.  

someday cas.  someday you will have acres and acres between you and the screwballs next door.

and my sweet roomates who eat all the funny things i cook.  they are champs.

and the hundreds of pounds of oranges i stroll under every day.  left to rot right on the tree.

and the experimental art i'm making these days.  like this:

and this:
and my sweet jesus who will never leave.

"she looked pretty and happy and a little breathless, as though she had done a pleasant but dangerous thing..."

February 2, 2009

a day in the life



AAAAH!  whats that sound!

and why am i engaged in mortal combat with a large rat and his 2 mouse buddies?
i'm not.
class in an hour and its 7 am

cas.  how do you do this every morning.  why does the alarm know exactly what tone best enters dreams?

i cant feel my fingers or my nose.
past the two gauntlet inspired one way streets.
past the bars on all four corners of fifth and ivy.
broken glass

now to orange trees planted in the sidewalk bursting with fruit a mere 15 feet up.  a mockery to every malnourished college kid who hasnt eaten in weeks.
speaking of college, i miss meat. 
meat has nothing to do with oranges.
except for thats why you are up this morning walking in 40 degrees.  so that someday meat will fit in your budget.

its too early though.