November 18, 2011

birds and wee books

eagle (cool, huh?)

(practice from pics off the internet)

my mum in law has written a kid's book about geese, so i am working on some illustrations for it.

little signatures for little books

sketches and advice

life is quiet and simple these days, and i quite prefer it :)

November 16, 2011

garbage goose

i have made a lovely etsy friend who has let me trade me some stationary sets for a pair of lovely earrings:

thank you garbage goose!  :)

November 14, 2011

paint and potatoes

in art, even cleaning up is fun:

ah, pigment.

last night ian dug up this potato from his mummy's garden patch:

(he's got such a fantastic grin, doesnt he?)

one time at sally loo's, danielle took a red potato and attached some carrot pieces to it with toothpicks and made it look like an alien baby and then went around scaring people with it... good memories :)  

we weighed that puppy.  3 pounds of spud.

 washington has a knack for producing huge, big, healthy plants from it's frigid soils