March 29, 2011

i've had too much jello

because i got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday.

this is the official "i've had too much jello" face

apparently i was only born with two wisdom teeth on the top (rad...seriously, THANK YOU GOD).

apparently top wisdom teeth are the easiest to take out (double rad).

and the fastest to heal (triple rad).

they came out so well even the dentist was surprised.  they dont even hurt today!  i still have to eat like a baby though :(  but there's a lot to be thankful for.

stay tuned for my first (albeit, CRUDE) woodcut print... 

March 28, 2011




made this little number during the downpour storm last week.  a lovely, lovely storm it was.

i am by no means a printing master (this is the 3rd one i've tried since college) but it sure is fun to play around with!

March 15, 2011

quick practice

drew this last night waiting for ian to get home.  

it's from a book called This Fabulous Century, 1910-1920 and the caption under the picture reads, "Dolores--The Girl Who Never Smiled."

if you sense Mucha influence, you are right.  i love his style of sketching and the photo itself was so art nouveau, i couldn't resist.

March 10, 2011

sketch of ian

he doesnt usually make this face- it's drawn from a picture of him holding a crab he had caught while he was boatin' along with his folks in the san juan islands (washington).

it was two summers ago.  he asked me to be his girlfriend on a saturday and literally a week later was in a car driving up to WA to be gone for 3 or 4 weeks.  i was sad until he called me everyday, even from random dockings on the puget sound, and sent me 4 postcards.  he texted me a picture of the sunset he was watching from the boat once or twice.

love that guy.

March 8, 2011

odd plant linocut

a scan of the carved linoleum block...
...a print from that block..
...the addition of water to water soluble ink.



March 3, 2011

variation on bench print

here's a variation on the last piece i posted- i printed it and then rubbed the ink around with a wet paintbrush.  i like it way more than the straight print!

dont forget to drop by the art reception at sally's tomorrow night from 6-8 if you're around.  if you need more than one reason to come, think of good cheeses, whole wheat cookies and pepper jelly over cream cheese (an andersen specialty, thanks to ians's dad!)

see you there!

March 1, 2011

linocut practice

bench and shadows

a "linocut" is a print made from a block of linoleum (i'm sure it's similar to the floor stuff, but i'm not sure how...).  the positive (white) areas are carved away and the black is whatever is left: a relief print.

this is a practice one i've been working on for the last week.  

more to come... i'm becoming addicted :)