June 20, 2011

today, between 3 and 4pm

i drew this:

no joke, this is the base of a magnolia tree growing on the corner of osos and marsh st.  it's HUGE and majestic and writhing... i adore it.  and this is pretty much what it looks like to the best of my ability.

can you see the body shapes in it?  so weird.  i didnt make it up though!

June 7, 2011


well, it seems our time in cali has come to an end.  we'll be moving to washington state (near seattle) mid july due to ian's work situation.

it is lovely, lovely, lovely up there and we are so excited!  art and etsy and all these irons in my internet fire are gonna be put on hold for a while, unless i get a wild hair and want to post stuff.

here are some things we will not miss about california:

-deserts (aka, heat)
-bad driving
-people with a specifically californian sense of entitlement
-high rent
-high cost of living, in general
-transitory nature of a college town
-poly dollys
-ians own words, "the bureaucratic republic of california"

here are some things we WILL miss:

-deserts (aka, heat)
-our buddies :(
-fresh year round produce (although washington has things like...o, i dont know, bounties of fish and blackberries... huckleberries... *drool* nettles to make nettle top soup...
-orange trees
-lemon trees
-avocado trees
-going on runs during the winter in 70 degree weather
-montana de oro
-our church
-good mexican food

here is what we look forward to:

-family nearby (for once in our adult life)
-blackberries, huckleberries, salmon, crab, nettles
-bald eagles
-luscious views of the puget sound
-the sexy city of seattle
-reasonable rent
-people who are a little more real about things... there are just less distractions up there.  it's honesty, i suppose.  the cold and dark winters will do that you.
-good coffee on cold days
-TREES!  holy crap, there are no trees in slo... not like how ian and i were raised, anyway.
-the fresh scent of a pacific northwest morning.
-room to grow
-long rides on ferry boats

dont you want to move up there too now?  :)