March 22, 2009

spring break and rugs

on the edge of the north american continent
(the ocean is beneath us there)
this view of the trees will most certainly end up in an art project
mo on my shoulders to take a picture
quite an expressive one, mo.

we may be smiling, but at this point we smell like campsite.  
the only thing running through our heads is the word, "shower."

well kids, school starts tomorrow at 8 am.

the first monday after spring break...o man.  pulling into the driveway of my apartment complex has never been harder.

the pics are from a weekend trip mo, her cousins and i took to big sur for her birthday.  un-bloody-believable scenery.  it reminded me of something i heard one time in some sermon some where about the beauty of our pure life in the garden before sin came- how God gave man the job to basically wander around and explore for the sake of exploring.  

to enjoy for the sake of enjoying.
a concept we made foreign almost as soon as the world was introduced to us.

"and now, for something completely different,"

 mo's family owns a rug business named "creative accents" and they had me sketch out some designs for them for some new rugs back in january.  while i was in tehachapi for break i got to see a picture of one of my rug designs in actual rug form... meaning from my sketch they made a digital template of it and actually made a rug from it and then photographed it for the new catalogue. 

there was my rug.  
in my hands on a piece of paper.
descended from a casual sketch i made on the side of my binder paper a year ago in community college.
i just held it and stared at it in wonder like it was a newborn child.
a true fruition of art....
i gave them 5 or 6 designs so we'll see what they end up using.

so stay posted, kids, and as soon as they have them up on their website you'll be the first to know :)
here's their website in the meantime.

and i'll have some more assignment art up soon.  
gotta get around to taking pictures of it.
gotta get around to real life again.


Robin said...

i love the way you live LIFE (read that the way PT says it). it looks like you used every bit of spring break for just that.

i look forward to more art.

John and Janelle said...

they made your rug!?! HOORAY!!! i'm so proud of you :) i checked out their website and it is pretty amazing! i love some of the modern rugs. so cool!