June 14, 2009

martin has a crack

yep, my martin has developed a crack.  right down the front center of it.  seriously: whose guitar just CRACKS?  whose MARTIN guitar just cracks?


sometimes your good friends just fall apart.
we must forge on.  


John and Janelle said...

oh no! it could be the extreme weather changes--the humidity of slo to the dryness of chico probably did it. did you know you can put a humidifier in your case?? ok, we just learned this b/c john just bought a martin too. i'm so sorry! that stinks!

Katie K. said...

Hahaha...I was just going to post that John has a humidifier for his guitar...looks like J-Dawg beat me to it! I could fill the crack with clear nail polish if you'd like :)

chassafrass said...

that's horrible

Henry and Lorna said...

ohhhhh, so sorry to hear your dear friend has a crack. condolences. love, lorna