May 29, 2010

slapdash #8: ian's little birdie story

hey kids-

ians here to tell us a lovely story today!  listen up listen up!  :)  i now pass the computer to the redhead sitting next to me of whom i speak:

This morning I was feeling burdened after working a 56 hour work week, feeling distracted from the important things, wondering if I was being led down the wrong path by simply trying to "be responsible".  I had gone for an early morning swim and sat in the sauna afterwards sweating and speaking with the Lord fretting that I would become like so many middle aged men who are married, work hard and no one hears from again.  Men who were once on fire for the Lord but fade away, not from the Lord per se but from bearing fruit.  I was beginning to worry that I would fall to the way side and that the Lord would let me.

I left the Y and began to walk across the park back to my apartment and 3 crows began to crow at me and they started taking turns dive bombing me.  They harassed me as I had never heard of crows harassing a human.  They were not guarding a nest but were merely out to harass me and I felt the Lord speak to me that the crows were sent as a warning that the enemy was after me and that I needed stop listening to him.  The birds of the air are always after the life giving seed of the gospel.  They hate it and seek to gobble it up lest the beautiful fruit of the Lord should spring up.  I prayed to the Lord to help me and told Him that I trusted Him to protect me from the enemy.  As soon as prayed the crows became silent and perched back in their tree.  A small bird then hopped up on the grass next to me cocked his head and gave me a look.  The Lord then reminded me that he keeps track of even the little sparrow and knows when one falls from the tree.  If He cares so much for this little bird how much more must He care for me.  As I walked up the front drive to my apartment small song birds swirled in the air before me singing sweet songs and I knew that the Lord was with me.

The enemy should never be allowed to perch upon our shoulders and whisper into our ears.  he is a wicked scavenger only able to steel and harass.  It is much better to flit through the air and sing knowing that the Lord loves us.

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The Lance of Knowledge said...

Thank you for sharing this Brother. I will pray for you.