June 20, 2010

slapdash #10: find the sky

hands strong
with love and wandering
taking in, tasting, smelling,
to explore and to memorize so constant,
you failed to notice you were picking
the tear in my jeans.

i'm not alive like you.
i dont desire to smell something
i've already smelled
or already judged.
i do not see newness
in old
like you.
i do not see others in new
like you.

you are science and art.
you are brother yet father.
you are zeal yet control:
they call it meekness.

you are a man of war
weeping to red and raw.

you break me and build me.
both by love.  both by paradigm.

i cannot describe you out loud-
not for not knowing,
but the words swell a world
caught in my breathing-
i cannot do both.

innate, rising visions demand
to be satisfied
by sky.
clamoring, pleading,
since the fourth of july.
"i must rise.  this is all i know."

you say, "i am yours,"
and i know it is costly.
i say, "i am yours.
our hands will find the sky."


chassafrass said...

i love this so much

Anonymous said...

I like your poem.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


Finfinn said...

Absolutely fabulous poem and writing I love it