December 21, 2010

ok i lied. one more post!

acrylic on canvas 5x7

ian worked 67 hours last week on a major project (can anyone say "gnarly?"), so needless to say there was an abundance of lonely hours as my best friend faithfully plodded along for us.  i sat down to paint out of sheer boredom and had finished the tree (from a picture taken off my phone of a tree near Cuesta) and the yellow part when jeff pyle called and wanted to see if he could buy a small painting for his mum for christmas.

"i want it to have nature in it"

"how 'bout this one?" as i texted him a picture of what i had so far, the paint not even dry on it.

he ended up buying it for his mum!  i love God's perfect choreography :)

merry christmas, see you next year!


John and Janelle said...

what a compliment! :)

Erika Marie said...

yay for another post! =) until the new year then...