April 11, 2011

first and second woodcut

this is the actual wood plate that i carved.  it's pine plywood so it's super grainy... there's a certain beauty in it though.

here is the print from the plate (and poorly printed at that, but you get the idea).

and here is herman the goose developing on a plate of poplar wood, which is a hardwood.  can you see the difference in the grain?

if anyone wants a free black and white print of the swan or herman (when he's done, that is) just let me know and i'll mail  one to you.  watch out, though... i might decide to print it on brown paper bag paper! :)


Robin said...

you know I need one of each for my collection.

herman reminds of ping (from The Story of Ping), but he's a duck, so they musn't be related.

John and Janelle said...

i LOVE the firs printing from the plywood! gorgeous texture.