May 11, 2011

screen prints

so in case you've been wondering where i've BEEN all this time, this is my answer to you:

my first successful screen prints since the print class i took way back at Chico state.  i want to do more with this medium, including but not limited to opening up an etsy shop, so i've been tinkering away at developing the space and materials and ideas that i need for such a thing.  my sweet friend Jen Ken (through God's good grace) is to blame for most of the blessing the past few weeks has been in this area.

the top print was supposed to clearly show four matroyshka dolls, but the screen kinda screwed me (aka: a flagrant system error) and just opened up a huge area right on momma matroyshka's face, so i just went with it.  i kinda like it though- there's some deep meanings in it i think.

the second print is a drawing i did of a path off a picture i took with my cell phone up on terrace hill.

both printed on brown paper bag :D

so anyway, stay tuned and dont give up on 'ol cas :)

1 comment:

John and Janelle said...

can't wait to see your Etsy shop! Let me know if you want any help with it :)