June 20, 2011

today, between 3 and 4pm

i drew this:

no joke, this is the base of a magnolia tree growing on the corner of osos and marsh st.  it's HUGE and majestic and writhing... i adore it.  and this is pretty much what it looks like to the best of my ability.

can you see the body shapes in it?  so weird.  i didnt make it up though!


Audria said...

I love this... before I took a closer look at it, I thought it was a bunch of hands, in prayer form, layered on each other... or something. I don't know, something mystical. I love that it's a base of a tree. xo. You have a gift.

Audria said...

AH! so great. make sure you share the results. xo.

Laurie said...

I totally know that tree! It looks like a fake Disneyland tree, like the one they used for the treehouse. I never thought much about the base before I saw your drawing.