September 29, 2011

flying elephants and sampson in a drawer

another elephant lino print on the way.  they'll go up in the shop as soon as my harder ink roller comes in.

do you ever feel like these elephants (and the one in the boat)?  kinda in between... and kinda alone for it... but deep down you're glad for a different route and a different destination?

in other news, our friends sara and evan gave us their cat due to moving circumstances.  we're pretty stoked about it!  his name is Sampson.

i thought i had lost him this morning until i found him like this, the little goon:

how does he make that look so comfortable?  i love how cats are total hedonists.


John and Janelle said...

LOVE the photo of Samson! You're gettinG REALly GOOD at this photOGRAPHY thing!! (SORry HaNNAH Is helpiNG ME Type) I Love that yOU havE a cat!!! :)

Mo said...

You have a cat! I still can't believe you like cats. But since you do, I'm glad you have one now.