January 21, 2012

how to be invincible, part 3

don't let anything make you anxious.
instead, pray.
Christ is your only need.

anytime you DONT feel invincible, remember that when you are in Him, you DO have all you need.

this is a new linocut print i made for the new year.  i made it mostly for my own sake from a post it note i had written to myself after reading philippians 4.

i'll have these up in the shop pretty soon if you want one on good paper with fancy archival ink.


if you want a free print on regular paper with water based ink (pictured) then just let me know by convo-ing me on etsy and i'll send one out to you :)  it's a small image: 3" by 4".

let's hear it for our amazing, invincible God who IS all we are not!

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