February 2, 2009

a day in the life



AAAAH!  whats that sound!

and why am i engaged in mortal combat with a large rat and his 2 mouse buddies?
i'm not.
class in an hour and its 7 am

cas.  how do you do this every morning.  why does the alarm know exactly what tone best enters dreams?

i cant feel my fingers or my nose.
past the two gauntlet inspired one way streets.
past the bars on all four corners of fifth and ivy.
broken glass

now to orange trees planted in the sidewalk bursting with fruit a mere 15 feet up.  a mockery to every malnourished college kid who hasnt eaten in weeks.
speaking of college, i miss meat. 
meat has nothing to do with oranges.
except for thats why you are up this morning walking in 40 degrees.  so that someday meat will fit in your budget.

its too early though.


chassafrass said...

that makes me smile

Julie said...

i love you cas!
thanks for expressing yourself creatively for others to enjoy!