February 25, 2009

tales from the sculpture lab

my design teacher is one of the funniest teachers i will ever have.

we are making these wire sculptures and he'll walk around putting any sculpture he can on his head as a hat.

during our critique of our geometric cardboard sculptures, any sculpture that looked remotely like a rocket ship was zoomed around complete with sound affects.

God bless crazy art people

the girl i sit next to said something about how he should do some sort of improv comedy act, so when he made his way around to where we were sitting i asked him if he had ever done any acting before.

"i got kicked out of acting class.  i was too amped up for them."
"is it even possible to get actually kicked out of an acting class?" i asked.
"well, i just couldnt help it.  everytime i did an improv act i would just have to swing in from the stage rope."

i just put my head down on the desk in soundless hysterical laughter.

God bless crazy art people.


John and Janelle said...

I want to see a picture of these crazy wire sculptures !

Robin said...

i want to see pictures too.

hmmm... crazy art people... c.a.p. ... that's pretty close to c.a.s. :-P