September 3, 2010


this painting is from a series i did called "wait."  this particular painting, though, actually does not exist...ah the glories of photoshop.  i turned a brown painting blue....sheesh.

well kids, i'm not too smart about internet stuff, but when someone wrote me an email asking if they could view my art portfolio online (and they asked if i had a flickr account), a light bloomed over my head.  flickr is a genius place for a "portfolio."

so if you wanna look, or direct future patrons to samples of my shtuff, go to flickr and look for me under cas.andersen (notice the dot.)  flickr is still new and weird to as far as i know, this is the best way to find me:

i'm in flickr though as cas.andersen.

i'm working on starting up an etsy thing too...but that'll take more time.

and now, for something completely different, a quote from robin's blog:

"A whistling girl and a cackling hen will never come to a good end." 


Sally Loo's Cafe said...

Cas YOU are the genius! i love you, your art, your mind, your hot bod, your laugh, and the beat goes on!

Sally Loo's Cafe said...

ps flickr says you aren't there :( poo. help me.

John and Janelle said...

hooray!!!!!!! can't wait! and if you need any help w/Etsy let me know! seriously! :)

chassafrass said...

absolutely amazing :)
any chance the tree painting would be up for sale? i'd totally buy it!