September 30, 2010

the meek shall inherit the earth

cutting out letters for a bulletin board (it actually will say, "checking in with children's ministry")

113 degrees is way too hot.

i grew up in weather very similar to england's in the coastal north of this state.  the only way we knew it was summer was because it rained LESS.

when, in a freak fit of nature, the last throes of summer lashed thick tentacles of disgusting heat out into san luis county, i did not embrace it.  the whole thing actually made me angry (real mature, i know).  

our house is like a toaster when it's hot outside, which leaves me as a wanderer, exiled from my dwelling.

while i was pitching a fit to ian about it, he reminded me in his sweet gentle way that if i had a better perspective about it, the harsh weather might be a blessing.

i ended up driving up to my my church in morro bay (figuring the coast was the only place that would be not hellish on such a hot day) and asking them to put me to work just so i could hang out in their huge, naturally cooled building.  it turns out that there were a couple large informational bulletin boards that they had wanted to do for a while.  

all this to say, God, in His sweet mercy, proved me wrong and actually turned what i thought would be a wasted week into a peaceful, useful, and bearable (temp wise) week.  i dare say that this week has actually been a huge blessing that would not have happened if the heat had not driven me out of SLO.  i got to serve God, hang out with my friends and do art like the third grade art major that i am/was.

i'm convinced that God seriously uses everything... especially after God took the time to re-convince me this week :)  if you find yourself pitching a fit about something... He probably has such a rad purpose for that very thing that is irritating you or stopping your plans that it's worth the trouble and trust it takes to remain calm and walk in whatever new road He has laid out for you.

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