November 12, 2010

from the sketchbook vault: the dancer

this is a full page drawing in my sketchbook from my first semester at Chico State.  it's very roald dahl, i agree.  drawing with pen is like that.  behind it are notes from printmaking class that i let show through intentionally.  it looks like he's stepping down off the notes :)

you do funny stuff when you move somewhere new and don't have friends... like climb into the ribs of the multi-story university library until you find the art book section... and you'll do stuff like spend an hour or two drawing a figure from someone else's two hundred year old painting.  it's strange what we'll do for comfort.

in other news, sally loo's loos is open again (can i get a holla!)

and i woke up at 4:30 this morning for the first time in a while to bake for them
(i dont care what anyone says, midday naps are gross.)

and my aunt is moving tomorrow :(

and my friend wren just had a baby :)

and my friend mo is getting married in a week :)

it all happens at once.

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