November 22, 2010

yuck yuck.

oh, i am sick sick sick.

achy muscles... short of breath... slight fever...seriously, i cant do anything except watch movies.  the worst part is i think it is a relapse...bleheeeh.

what i have learned during this sick time:

*i have the best husband in the world, who brings me movies and juice and cooks me dinner
*i am more inspired to cut out sugar and other immune suppressing things in my diet
*i remember again what it must be like for people like my mom who have lived years and years like this with chronic disease.  how do you not kill yourself if this is your life?
*i heart tylenol pm

yep.  profound huh? :)


John and Janelle said...

yeah, you don't look like you feel too good!! hope you're feeling better SOON!!

Audria said...

ahhh Cas-a-darling, I hope your feeling better now. That tea did not work out as well as I wanted. xo