February 15, 2011

the art is hung.

well, the art is up, so come out to sally loo's to take a look-see!

only took me 6 or something hours to hang it... i had no idea it would take that long, but it was fun and satisfying to look around the room at the end and see the culmination of a few months worth of work.

i hung art, drank tea, snitched two day-old cookies and listened to iron and wine and gillian welch really loud.  afterwards ian took me out to thai classic.  hard life :)

and now that i have no show to do art for, i am boiling chestnuts, making vegetable broth and folding laundry.  susy homemaker and i are bff, for sure ;)

and just for good measure, here's a picture that we all need to see of ian getting pissed at his '65 ranchero for not starting and me taking a glam shot:

and here's us laughing about it:


MsFitz said...

This is fantastic!! Your post card invite is hanging up on our wall right now mocking us and telling us that we live to far away to enjoy your show.. we send lots of love though. and a hardy "congrats"!

Sally Loo's Cafe said...

literally laughing out loud. so so funny and such a great picture of marital bliss.