February 24, 2011

when danielle came into work today

she asked, "did you see what happened?  one of your drawings sold!"

and there it was.

an envelope with a check in it from a person i didn't know.

seriously, it's the biggest honor ever to have someone buy your art who doesn't know you- who is buying it solely for the pleasure or meaning it has brought them.

this doesn't happen to me very often, so forgive my childish wonder... i'm still just so amazed and blessed!

i havent been posting any art due to being busy, but more is to come.  i'm playing around with relief printing these days, so stay tuned (that's yummy stuff, relief printing... to see some genius relief prints check out this page or this page.  these two women have made some very sublime and moving prints)


Audria said...

Don't ever lose that childish wonder! This is exciting. So happy for you my dear friend.

John and Janelle said...

hooray!!! Cas! So exciting!! Which painting was it??

xoxo said...

Sweet! They will be blessed! :)