July 3, 2011

fun with fam

i got these great pictures from my granny last night as we had a good bye dinner:

rob and i in hawaii.  i think we were 5 and 7 in this shot.

everyone needs an awkward 90's dinner shot.  i'm pretty sure rob is 4 and i'm 6- both of rosy cheeked, eh? :)  my folks on are the left of me.

my beautiful, classy granny (dad's  mom)... love that lady and love this photo.

my 'supermodel aunts,' as i call them (dad's sisters).  these women are amazing- j is the sweetest lady ever, and yv is probably the most talented artist i will ever have the pleasure of personally knowing.  check out her art here.


Audria said...

I love these pictures...because they are awesome and because I like seeing more of your world. You were a cute red cheeked curly haired toe head! xo. I will call you sooner than later to hear about the move.

Mo said...

Ahhh. I love the one of you and Rob in Hawaii. I stinking miss you. Nashville is hot. There isn't a desert here, but it's still hot.

Bruce said...

Oh my gosh......... The 'Big Hair' days