February 22, 2012

Dance it out.

I think that instead of JUST having to stop when the school bus in front of us waves it's red-lighted paddle (yes, it is called a 'stop paddle'), it should be compulsory for all motorists to get out of their cars and dance next to their cars for the duration of the stopping period.

Wouldn't that just give everyone a better, more adventure filled day?

And think of all the calories you'd burn and all the fun you would have if you were stuck behind a school bus... inspiring generations of children (and yourself) to not be so uptight and just dance it out :)


Jen Manusmelly said...

I'm with ya. Let's start a movement, yo. literally.

Erika Marie said...

game on.

Hediedthatimightlive said...

yes please :)

Robin said...

so there is this school bus that drops children off behind the church. if i don't leave at the right time, it get stuck in the parking lot waiting for it to put away it's stop paddle (it's always good to know the proper terminology). i have to admit that it has made me kinda grumpy on more than one occasion.

now i'll just get out and dance.... or imagine you dancing

Audria said...

This is one of the best ideas in the world. WE SHALL DANCE!