February 15, 2012

rancho guacamole

gouache on illustration board

thanks to a recommendation from audria, i have had the pleasure of working with a farm in Goleta, Ca. named "rancho guacamole" to create a fruit box label for their fine avos and lemons.

much, much prayer went into this little piece and i'm super stoked about it!

(and if you've never asked God for help with the work or tasks in your life, i highly recommend it.  He really does care about the small things in our world and wants us to talk to Him about them!  i learned this in art school after realizing that all the projects i prayed over came out better than i imagined and got better grades :)


John and Janelle said...

LOVE it! mmmm makes me want to eat avocadosand drink lemonade...in that place. :) love your art, Cas! PTL for His hand in all we do, and for the way He blessed our way.

Audria said...

It's perfect! So awesome. It is exactly what all the good examples of the old school labels really look like. You nailed it Cas. It's gorgeous.

Heather Mora said...

so cool!

Henry and Lorna said...

Beautiful job!!