June 22, 2008

for a songbird

i am posting this little bloggy site in honor of my friend robin.  she is cool enough to want to know what will become of me as i leave my beloved san luis, and i can only oblige her wishes in humble gratitude.

hence the name, "le cas de la valise."  apparently it means "the case of the suitcase" in french, which, if i'm not mistaken, is the precise file name of my life account up in heaven.  en ce cas ("in that case..."), i shall embrace my fate as a pilgrim, tethering myself loosely to this one stationary website...like a kite, i guess.  tethers are great because they help you remember where you're from, and that the wind will not always carry on so forcefully...they are a hope that someday you will be reeled back in.

and so, my dear robin, i dedicate this first "blog" to you: i only hope to write worthy of your attention :)


Erika Marie said...

YAY!!! Im stoked, as well.

Robin said...

woo hoo

you will always be at the top of my feed reader, in my prayers and on my heart

im excited to share this newest chapter in the adventure that is cas. (im leaving out the capitals and punctuation to be cooler - is it working)