June 23, 2008

so how was your day

you know those times
when your toaster catches on fire
because you tipped it over
while trying to see if it was done

and you blow it out but it keeps
because you cant think straight enough
to raise the lever
thus removing the heat source
because your toaster has never
caught on fire before?


Robin said...

how about when your almost 4 year old calls you a pushover because you spend way too much money to buy him a fruity frappuccino even though he didn't eat his dinner

i thought i was exercising grace - sigh

did you finally get some toast out of it?

le cas de la valise said...

a pushover....that is hilarious. :) i think the hardest thing for kids to learn is the amount of grace their parents really have for them...it still blows my mind

ya. the toast was all burned on one side but at least it was hot enough to actually melt the butter :D

heheh....i felt to stupid after i did that that i decided to at least make a poem about it so that it wasnt all in vain :)

by the way, no punctation was TOTALL working on your last comment!

Erika Marie said...

im laughing out loud right now...this would only happen to you!!

Erika Marie said...

to add to my last comment...

...or me.