September 17, 2008

i'm a little teapot

been doing some fun stuff for art classes lately- this ones for a sketch journal that i have to keep for my drawing classes.  its not supposed to be precise and exact- just an idea scrawled into the book.

i like being an art major because it forces me to do art.  i'm ashamed at how little art i do when i'm NOT forced or commissioned.  

that ol rascal 'discipline' ...a hard and merciful task master.

"a welcomed crisis on what would be a regular, boring day."


Jonathan Dow said...

At first glance, I thought it was a picture of a real glass teapot. Then I read your blog and looked at it again and it transformed itself to a drawing right in front of my eyes. I knew you were a good artist, but I had no idea.

Robin said...

discipline is one thing

diligence is another