September 11, 2008

discoveries of the lovely sort

the bible study tuesday night was really nice.  there was only three of us, but four counting the Lord, which was our favorite part.  the girls were really sweet and i anticipate hanging out with them again.


my previous goal when i came to chico state was to get a BFA degree.  i have realized only lately that this idea is insane- it would mean at least 2 full years more of school, not including the semester i'm already in due to the volume of units.  it would also require a portfolio review which gives me the violent heeby jeebies.


if i go for a BA degree in studio art (with the electronic art emphasis) i will graduate in a very doable year and a half from now (so 2 years total).  the thing that seals the deal is that there is no gnarly portfolio review...

i feel this to be the educational equivalent of my salvation.  in fact, i'm pretty sure the last time i felt this relieved was when God himself pulled my damned and dying soul from the pit.  the grimy flames of university hell have faded in the distance, granting me the grace of graduation when i'm like 26 and not 27 or more (sigh...i am getting old).

and also, i will be down in slo the second week in october for the half marathon.

now that's a good sort of discoveries, dont you agree?:)

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Jonathan Dow said...

The heeby jeebies are bad enough, but violent ones are the absolute worst! The educational equivalent of your salvation seems a bit of an exaggeration. If it weren't, you would be driven to share your news with everyone in hopes that they too would remove the shackles of the BFA and surrender to the BA plan. You would meet in little groups to study the class flowchart and talk about your relationship with your not yet attained degree, saying one day, it will arrive and take me to my true (educational) home. Your love for the degree will cause you to write songs and make t-shirts with a dotted box line and text that says, this space reserved for my BA degree. You would have bake sales to raise money to equip yourself to let everyone know that there is another way. The BFA doesn't have to ruin your life any more. You can have your degree in less time. You don't have to have a portfolio review. Unlike the BFA, the BA is not works based. We go to class in faith that the BA degree is waiting for us when the time is right... wow cas, you do all this? It sounds a bit like idol worship... educationally speaking.