September 7, 2008

bell-ble study.

i bought a bell for my bike today-- i'm so excited.

a bike without a bell is like a car without a decent way to play your own music (you know who you are, jonathan dow)

but thats actually not what i wanted to write about.

i was a good girl and i went to worship generation tonite which is calvary's sunday night service.  i'm gonna try going to a bible study.

it started out super awkward as i sat there by myself waiting for the service to start.  i used to sit by myself at shoreline all the time and it never bothered me...but i was so paranoid tonite i started texting one of my friends just to do something with my hands.  5 text messages later the service finally started.

it got better as the night went on because a bunch of people got up and shared about their bible studies that they are starting.  thats always how it is: discomfort dissolved away by hearing peoples hearts and visions.  i realized a few years ago that i was more apt to like someone (as opposed to misjudging them) if i sat down and made eye contact and had a meaningful  conversation with them...funny how that is.

so tomorrow i will put my bell on my bike and on tuesday i will go to a bible study :)


Jonathan Dow said...

You were there? I was there too... I got there early and stayed late. How did I miss you. I read your email on my iPhone while I was there (after service) and I took the picture on my bike ride to church. Next time you're there, it'd be fun to chat and I could introduce you to some of my new friends.

chassafrass said...

that's awesome....glad it went well!

John said...

oooooooh! A bell! I just put a bell on my bike too, chiefly because I ride along the bike trails in the Cloisters, and practically give old people heart attacks as I come riding stealthily up behind them! Hopefully this will help :)