December 2, 2008

forlorn foundling rescued by compassion

thats what that little part says above the picture that i taped to the front of my bible this morning :)  its a picture of a lamb in a burlap bag attached to a saddled horse.

i've decided i will tape more things into my bible from now on.

i also taped a picture of the sea of galilee that i found in a 1950's national geographic to the back inside flap of this my Holy Book.  according to the caption, "Galilean fishermen still set their nets in circles around lights to enclose fish drawn to the glow,"  and it shows these boats with large bulb lights hanging off the bow of the boats over the sea.  

i found that "lights" part extremely profound.  

they fish at night.  
they fish with lights.
the fish seem to know the difference
and come easily to the glow.


spent thanksgiving with my sweet tehachapi friends (if you dont know where tehachapi is, ask your neighbor).  i still dont want to live in chico...but what else is new.  after this i'm swearing off northern california forever and if you are my friend you will hold me to it.  if any of you want to move somewhere and take me along with you, i think you'll be surprised at how little i object.

maybe i'll get over it in time to graduate (graduate...ah, the word does knell its sweetness to my soul.)


there is a persimmon tree by the mansion down the street.  the persimmon is a fruit that hangs naked on the tree with no leaves around it so that everyone can see.  
it is no time for greenery, but it is still time for fruit.  
fruit is the business of a tree, leaves are its passing pleasures that flutter and fall with a mind all their own.

but the fruit is more faithful.
of more worth.

dear persimmon tree,
you are better off in your beauty 
of rest
despite the cold.


chassafrass said...

awwwww....that picture is great!
still shaking....maybe cuz it's 60 degrees down here

Janelle said...

i LOVE that picture. LOVE IT.

Robin said...

persimmons... maybe

have you tried a feijoa?

it was special talking to you today

Jonathan Dow said...

Maybe the persimmons tree is a bit like you. No greenery in Chico, but still bearing fruit. When was the last time you created this much art?