December 10, 2008

the twenty something most random things i want for christamas

*a black light booklight...right?  with strobe option.  clubbin'
*a lifetime supply of canned fish and lima beans
*the opposite of serious
*a concertina
*a bird in the hand
*a friend who plays the cello
*people skills
*the live near a HUGE asian market
*to find that pair of von dutch aviators that i lost awhile ago.  dang, those things were sic.
*a horsey
*a kitty
*to love my neighbor
*a fixed exhaust manifold
*an ocean breeze.  here.  in chico.
*health insurance
*to keep it real
*a time machine and/or a flight to britain
*to become a famous artist after i die
*for everything to taste like coffee and/or chocoloate and/ or curry and/or plum skin
*abject fearlessness

1 comment:

chassafrass said...

those are great!
i may have to blog a list of my own

and i would add
to meet ProdigalJon