January 31, 2009

bird in the hand

these are a series of 8"X8" square pieces that i did for my friend's new baby, silas.

i covered the canvases in pages from an old robert frost poetry book.  painted the birds and tree based on some fabric silas' mum sent me....added buttons...added orange stamped letters.  they are more "scrap-booky" than i would like, but i had an amazing time doing them.

i dont know how the blog will place them but they are a series.  from left to right it's brown bird, tree, and then orange bird.  and yes, those are real buttons.

in every room in the art building are a bunch of hand made signs that someone posted too high for anyone else to reach and one of them that inspired me to do these last night was a sign that said "doing art at 4am makes me happy."  so ya.  i stayed up till midnight making art.  i had forgotten how much fun that is.

some of the other signs are really funny too-- "not going to a snotty art school makes me happy."  "coffee and cigarettes make me happy."  "not fitting into the artsy stereotype makes me happy."  "knowing i will always answer to the title 'artist' makes me happy."  in class i always stare up at the signs wondering what grad student finishing a project at 3 am decided to grab a bunch of his buddies and a ladder and make the art rooms a better place.  


John and Janelle said...

whose baby?
i like it lots :)

Katie K. said...

Amazing. You make me chuckle. Miss you!

Jen said...

I love them! I feel so cool to be the person you are doing art for in a blog :)