July 3, 2009

lonesome coffee cup

i cant believe i'm saying this, but i'm going to try to quit coffee.

i know, i know.  you've already decided i cant do it.  well, you know what?

you might be right.

there's something to be said for giving such a sad state of caffeine-free humanity your best shot
(hee hee...shot...never mind.)

and i already have a headache from my half caff situation of this morning...
so you can officially feel welcome to pray for me.

but i swear, if i make it to the age of 87, it'll be coffee breakfast lunch and dinner from there on out.

goodbye, my sweet, acidic, calcium robbing panacea...know that you are my favorite habit i've ever tried to quit...we shall meet again when my knees are in the Jordan and maybe i'll let you row me to other side.


thingsthataremade said...

But WHY?!? (By the way, you're such a poet!)

Robin said...

i agree... why?

Anonymous said...

Pray I will.