July 15, 2009

see robin? i'm trying to be disciplined :D

here's a little 8x10er  i did today-
something about poppies...morning...i'm still thinking of a title.

the stems are phrases from an old book.


update on the yarrow painting: 
sara said she had been coveting it for days, so i sold it to her!  
this painting i'll sell for 25 dollars (or trade for something cool) in case you're interested.

you're right, janelle...i should get some kind of etsy thing going...later maybe.


John and Janelle said...

let me know, come visit, we'll get ya started in no time!! i'll even take your pics to start! :)

Erika Marie said...

you should probably tell sarah that if her picture is missing one day...she should DEFINITELY *not* look at my house...i would have *no idea* what she was talking about. at all. none. =)