July 13, 2009

seeing yarrow

being jobless does funny things to you...
this time its a painting of the yarrow flower.  love love love yarrow.

i have a vision of doing a whole series on the yarrow flower, but my visions are usually based on the fictitious strength of the disciplined side of me.

it is the stuff of faery tales.

(yarrow detail)

there's nothing about this painting that's original, really, but i had a good time doing it.

aaaand....this is the mint i'm drying for tea on the clothes line in sara's backyard.

aaaaand...this is the biscotti i made this morning: 3 forms of ginger.  fresh, crystallized and powdered.

i have been reading matthew 6 lately.
over and over and over.
the fig tree in the backyard is fruited half-way, 
finding water somehow through her ancient root fingers.

and though i have carefully watched,
i have not seen the birds building storehouses yet
nor the garden tremble in toil

1 comment:

Erika Marie said...

is it for sale? can i buy it? PLEASE?!?!?!?! =) i just love your art. i could probably sit in a gallery all day...thinking about what color dress the moon is wearing. =)