January 25, 2011

light of life

last month i painted this huge piece of painters canvas for my church's christmas service.  all the words are crammed at the top because they had a table there against it with lamps on it.  i was pretty happy with how it came out and super stoked to paint for my church!  quite an honor.

painting this thing was one of those "skin of my teeth" situations though.  it was so huge i took it home and wanted to work on it outside (this canvas is bigger than the walking space in my living room! :) but it had rained and rained for a whole week.  it finally came down to a wednesday when ian and i were gonna leave that night to travel up to his mums for christmas and i still hadnt done finished it.  i drove all the way up to morro bay and finished it in one of the spare church rooms about a half hour before the church closed.  crazy!  

p.s. the font that i based the letters off of is called "texas hero"... seriously one of my favorite fonts.  you can download it for free off certain font sites in case you fall in love with it too. :)

and in case you cant read it, the verse is, "I am the Light of the world.  He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."  spoken by Jesus in john 8:19.  a wonderful verse that pretty much says it all.

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