January 12, 2011

path: sketchbook fun from sallys

pen and ink drawing done outside sally loo's while talking to 'ol julie-pants.  

i think the secret behind pen and ink is the secret behind learning a musical instrument: you have to love one well played note and be content with it before going on to the next, slowly developing more and more appreciation as you go (at least as i understand it).  with this medium, you have to be willing to just breathe, draw, relax and enjoy every line one at a time.

a friend recently reminded/encouraged me to be stoked about the fact that every drawing i do with and for God is worship... a sweet thought indeed.  it takes the pressure out of it and brings art back to something enjoyable, filled with liberty and worth something, even if it only has value in His eyes.

i've always wondered how all these hours i've spent doing this type of thing could ever amount to anything.  so what if i can draw this or that?  the world is a place of great need and suffering and here i am sitting in my comfy house drawing pictures like a little kid.  when it's worship though... when love of God is involved, it all starts to make more sense.  i dont know what the point of it all is, but that's alright.  that's His job as God, not mine :)

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