August 30, 2011

do you know what this photo means?

it means two things:

1. i finally got a card reader for my mac.  they're like 8 dollars at office max.  yep, i'm finally stepping into the 21st century (sheeeesh).  no joke, 98% of the photos on my blog were taken by my mac's photo booth...

yeeah.  you learn how to get creative :)  ian caught me more than once holding my poor little mac book up at awkward angles. 

2. it is proof that the etsy store is extremely close to going up.  the above photo is a little, how you say, hors d'oeuvre :)

so now that i have unmitigated access to the photos off ian's camera, lemme show ya some:

snow in july near glacier, WA.  we were so blown out when we took these... we had been in town for like a day or two and then drove up to glacier to go to a family bday party.

ian's hair is never not amazing.

what the heck is that outfit?

ian coming to get us on blake island last weekend.  his mum and stepdad are boaters and they took us along.  we were staying on the boat and had to get to land by dinghy.  he's so cute in his boat :D

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Audria said...

Thank you for these. It's good to see your face. xo.