August 21, 2011


My husband and I were eating at The Kells restaurant in seattle a couple weeks ago and as we were sitting at our table outside a young woman approached us.

"Hey, I know this is kinda weird, but I saw you guys come in and i just wanted to come over and tell you that you totally look like the quintessential northwest couple to me," she said.  You never know what a beanie and certain brands of jacket will bring you up here in Washington.

I had noticed before she came over that she was eating alone, so we asked her name and begged her to come and have lunch at out table.  Anyone bold enough to just come up and say something like that is someone I want to have lunch with.

Shortly into the conversation we found out she was a Christian and we became instant friends.  I liked her before she said she was a Christian, but once you find out you are talking to someone who worships the same God as you, the relation switches to family.

She was flying from Ohio to Alaska, had an unexpected layover in Seattle and was just killing time in Seattle until her flight.

I asked her what she thought we would say to her for coming up to us so abruptly.

"I DIDNT think about it.  I just did it.  I'm glad I didnt hesitate because now we've become friends!"

I think there's a lot in that response.
I think that's what is missing from my faith-walk with God most of the time.
I think ahead to the consequences of the momentary and risky obediences He desires from me and I become paralyzed by fear.  I'm not willing to create any type of awkwardness or have any sort of uncomfortable interaction with anyone.

It's ridiculous when we serve a God who tells us NOT TO FEAR.  We never would have become friends with her if she was not so bold.


John and Janelle said...

love it :)

Hediedthatimightlive said...

your story echoes my own fears/reservations perfectly, and reminds me why it is so important that we strive to overcome them, love you!

Faith said...

The Bible tells us we could be entertaining angels unaware. How cool is that :)

roshekie said...

"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me." Psalm 56:3-4