August 16, 2011

gathering herbs and couches

today has been spent with the herbs growing around our house-

lavendar, clover, nettle, raspberry leaf

all cut and washed today for use in tea when winter comes.

i *hug and kiss* washington.

we've also been picking the local couches that grow along the side of the road.  we were very surprised to find this AMAZING designer-esque couch hanging out on the roadside with a "free" sign on it:

(ian is a ham.)

when we figured out how to make the couch lie flat into a bed (a superb design feature in these modern-retro couches), we realized from looking in the crevices that hadnt been exposed to the sun that the couch was actually BLACK at one time.  BLACK.  not grey.

i ended up bleaching the crevices with straight bleach and it made the black look less glaring.

the only drawback to this radsauce couch is that is smells like dog (*shudder*), but that's something i can work on.  

for those of you who know my deal shark nature, it should not surprise you that i think this couch is a blessing from God.  i LOVE this style but i would never pay full price for even a cheap knock off of a couch like this.  

the conclusion?

there IS a God and He loves me.  :D

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John and Janelle said...

that is so fun! love the couch! i've totally been into gray lately. and you've finally gotten to me--i have a pillow that exact same color on our couch! :)