October 1, 2008

how i gave my entire drawing class mosquito bites

so my drawing class is being taught by a grad student...a photography grad student who "hasnt drawn in 6 years," apparently.

shes a real nice lady...i feel bad for her because she really doesnt have a choice and its not her fault that she's into photography and not drawing (poor soul), but i have to say its a less than desirable situation.  drawing and photography share about 2 1/2 things in common- other than it is very different in my opinion.

so in the spirit of just wanting to make the class better for everyone, i asked her last week if we could go outside and draw.  chico state is lovely- all brick and trees and lawn, and our class is at 5 when the light is best.  she agreed and made everyone go outside for the class period today...

i was in heaven.

but i forgot about the creek next to the school that spawns mosquitos and gnats.
i forgot so much that i wore a tank top to class (ya, its still 90 here).
i think everyone sustained at least one mosquito bite...

i bless anonymity for saving me from a good lynching.

(ps- the art at the top is from another project for that class- a still life.  thats me behind it holding it up to give you an idea of its size.  i tied 3 coffee cups to yellow fabric and hung it over my door.)


Erika Marie said...

i think its beautiful and i would (will!) pay for a cas original!!!

but only if her signature is noticeable.

and it has cut outs of *something on it. texture. i love texture.

heck. i would buy a blank canvas with Cas' name on it! =)

love you girl!

Robin said...

i hear that keeping a bounce sheet in your pocket will keep bugs away.

just thought you'd appreciate a helpful hint....

but can you imagine walking around with an artifically stinky chemical imbedded piece of whatever in your pocket?

keep sharing the pictures of your art - even when they are class assignments.

i'm hoping to someday have tours stop by our humble home with velvet ropes protecting the early works of cas. can't you see the germans lining up as they stop on their way south from hearst castle? i'll have to open an espresso shop in one of our guest rooms.

grom says he misses you