January 11, 2009

my light is blue, how bout you?

someday, while you are still wild,
this is what you need to do

-wait for full moon and ten o'clock.

-46: both the speed and the hwy.

-yo yo ma's applachian waltz and beethoven's moonlight sonata (God bless the obvious).

and no head lights.

bloody amazing.  
you feel like you're flying.


chassafrass said...

that's amazing!!!!!!
we totally went to mad river beach the other night and the moon was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge....like a big pizza pie
we didn't even need flashlights to get back
and i love the painting....obviously

Jonathan Dow said...

I know this comes as little consolation, but I miss you here. I don't think I've noticed a single strange thing in Chico since you've been gone. I think I'm turning normal.

Katy said...

Hey Cas, It's Katy. wanted to drop a hello. i love you and miss you!!!