January 26, 2009

Thy name shall be called no more Jacob

well kids, just like you knew it would, it feels better already here.

i see now how much of a funny farm my old house really was.  you thought i would fit right in, didnt you.  but let me tell you, there are certain shades of crazy that will wreck a girl's complexion.  

its kind of amazing how different i am towards being here and even school itself than i was a month ago.  just a month.  

it was just a run on the beach actually that did it.
the day and 2 miles after art school fell through, i faced the sea because tears ache, like a river, to tell the ocean their secrets.

i dont know what made that time of prayer/desperation any different than the others, but the rocking horse snapped beneath my feet and something like submission (but lacking the metallic taste we have been taught to notice) knocked the wind out of the chase.
something consented.
something asked for a blessing.
something told me the touch on the hip was it.
the shrunken sinew
that to this day his people will not eat.
for i have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.

God is superbly and perfectly mighty for us...it just takes a "yes" to Him that you can feel down to your toes.

"and jacob went on his way, and the angel of God met him."

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John and Janelle said...

This is SO good to hear. :) God loves you, Cas!