January 3, 2009

rachel hazel

before i left tehachapi two days yore, mo and i decided we would each write a murder ballad before we saw each other again.  why?  because music that tells a story is interesting...and plus how could you not love an old fashioned murder ballad?  just ask townes van zandt or gillian welch.

here is mine.  see if you can put the pieces together.
(keep in mind it is set to music.  poem wise it doesnt do itself justice...i like it to music much better)...

rachel hazel

rachel hazel eyes like her mother
true as the clouds in the lake
that storm and wind and plates and glasses
just arent sufficient to break

where would you find it if it still existed?
what part would carry the blame?
where would you find him if he still existed?
feeling the sky in the lake

o, how she slept
that night in the bullrush
dreaming of how the waters close

rachel hazel binds on her bible
true as the words she wont take
the wind forgets us still as his  breathing
out through the clouds on the lake

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chassafrass said...

you should totally record it and podcast it on here