May 21, 2009

cas mcshady

view from van Gogh


"i wear my suuunglasses at night"

dang.  i have too much time on my hands.

last final tomorrow!


Erika Marie said...

the smirk on that last photo....SO "mcshady" of you! =)

I CANT WAIT TILL YOU MOVE BACK!!!!! =) lest celebrate with....sushi? =) haha

Robin said...

that is my favorite van gogh. i picture myself sitting at one of those tables with a good friend (hey! maybe it's you) and a steamy latte.

hang tough

John and Janelle said...

i'm soooooooooo jealous that you're moving back to slo! and i'm not there to hang out w/ you! :( ok sorry....i'll stop now...